So what is this all about?

I’ve been researching and writing about cruises for a long time. I was hooked on my first cruise, and by the time I was on my second cruise I realized that I wanted to share information about cruising. I did so by writing my first book: Mommy Cruises: A Guide to Cruising With Kids, but continued to research, and eventually published an updated version of the same title. Since then I have fielded a lot of questions about cruising, but I continue to research and investigate, both for my own interest and to help others.

Cruising is the ultimate vacation. Okay, that’s just my opinion, but this is a blog, and I’m entitled to my opinions, aren’t I? Still, I know that I need to justify a blanket statement like this, so here goes.

A cruise is a luxury vacation. You’re staying in a fancy room with a fabulous view (well, assuming you have a window, that is), you eat at a fancy restaurant every night where your multiple waiters know your name and provide attentive service, and where you go out to see stage shows and other live performers every evening. Your children can come with you, or go off to their own structured activities designed for young people of their ages. Best of all, while in this environment you are transported to multiple destinations: places you might never visit on their own, but as part of a package of touring and travel, each one has its own interests and delights.

I admit it, I’m not really an outdoor girl. In fact, once my husband called me ‘the consummate indoorsman’, and he was right. I was subjected to consecutive months of camping as a child, and I ran out of my lifetime tolerance for such things. Hiking, bugs, muck, and life without the niceties of civilization are not things to which I aspire. In this sense, cruising is the perfect vacation for me. I can relax and be pampered, immerse myself in exotic locales as much or as little as I like, and then return to my cruise ship home to resume my usual indoorsy existence.

So let’s get back to the original question: what’s this all about? I’m a teacher and writer by trade, and a planner by nature. So my husband suggested to me that with all of the time I spend thinking about cruising, maybe a blog was the best outlet for me (in other words, he didn’t want me to natter on about it any longer). And it got me thinking that maybe he was right.

I like to try new things (well, not outdoorsy things 😉 ) and so I figured I’d give this blog a shot.

So that’s it. It’s my first blog entry. That wasn’t so hard.